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The grill masters at Charcoal Blazers have over 10 years experience behind the grill. So chill, believe us, we’ve got the grill.



The importance of cleanliness in food preparation cannot be overstated. At Charcoal Blazers we take that seriously. So you know that the food we serve will be as good for you as it is to you.



Professionalism is our number one priority. That’s why every grill master is well-versed not only in the art of grilling but in value of professionalism.


What the people think


I ordered 2 slabs of pork ribs and 1 slab of beef ribs. It was DELICIOUS… Finger Licking Good. Great food Order Today – you will not believe how good it is. I had 27 guests on Christmas Eve and everyone loved them. Thanks Russel

-S.P., New York

I had a lot of family in town for the Christmas holiday. I ordered 2 slabs of beef ribs, 2 slabs of pork ribs and 2 Beer Can Chickens… The food was a tremendous hit! Charcoal Blazers was a life saver! I will be using them again!

-E.G., Long Island

Never realized I was missing so much. I had a great time and the food didn’t suffer. Me and my guests enjoyed my cookout way more with Charcoal Blazers!

-J.W., Queens